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1. Kickass UX


The design school Kickass UX hired me to research of their customers & target demographic—finding actionable insights across brand, marketing, sales, web design, and product.

Screenshot from the Kickass UX research report on Dovetail.

Screenshot from the Kickass UX research report on Dovetail.


Independent research & writing consultant


Dovetail, Figma, Maze, Zoom

Research process

  1. Extensive stakeholder interviews with the 2 co-founders to clarify research goals and synthesize their knowledge
  2. Qualitative interviews via Zoom with their users
  3. Enlisting prospective user research participants via LinkedIn, Twitter, & Polywork
  4. Surveying their target demographic via Maze
  5. Conducting moderated usability tests via Zoom & a Figma prototype
  6. Documenting, anonymizing, transcribing, tagging, and analyzing all data via Dovetail
  7. Reporting on research findings via Dovetail

See part of the anonymized research report on Dovetail.


From Ludovic, co-founder of Kickass UX: